We Are One

by Rebecca Varidel

30th May 2018

“People these days are craving connection and conversation, our gallery provides a space for people to connect with the artists themselves. When you come into the gallery and to enjoy the art, you have an opportunity to meet the person who created it – and that’s a really unique experience” says the co-founder of Sydney Road Gallery, Fiona Chandler.

A year ago, a group of artists who banded together and started Sydney Road Gallery so to celebrate a super successful first year anniversary they are holding an exhibition We Are One.

We Are One explores how some of the best creations come from the connection and collaboration with others. The artists took inspiration from the sense of shared belonging, stories and experiences they have had together over the past year.

Each artwork shows the coming together of all Sydney Road Gallery artists and what can be achieved when a group of creative people come together.

Special guest artist, Helen McCullagh will be also showing at ‘We Are One’. Helen is an internationally sought after artist, significant prize winner who is best known for her bright, contemporary still life paintings.

Sydney Road Gallery have pushed the stereotypical idea that all artists work alone, and that art is very much so a solo project. The artists have all encouraged each other to strive to be the greatest artist they can be, with the collaborations in exhibitions, and the continual group effort to come up with the next idea.

Sydney Road Gallery has sold hundreds of art pieces, generating thousands of visitors and been the catalyst for a new art precinct in the area.

From: http://sydneyscoop.com/arts-entertainment-features/we-are-one/

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